“An old friend gave me a Polaroid camera. I started shooting my model friends and taking portraits during my travels as a model. One of the images ended up in an Upper East Side gallery, and I continued showing in galleries and selling to private collectors. What started as snapping Polaroids of friends evolved into a second career, creating portraits for magazines, traveling to the far reaches of the world like Morocco and Peru to photograph medical missions for children”

I am a queer, Latinx artist whose practice takes different forms of engagement; Social practice and visual artist. I work with multiple mediums in order to capture representation of current events, time and space creating visual narratives of contemplation. 

A Tattoo artist for 20 years,  Virginia currently co-owns the art collective, This Time Tmrw in Brooklyn NY. As a fine artist, Virginia explores the concept of the body as a landscape and the ways we protect and project ourselves. Using yarn and fibers made with acrylic paint Virginia weaves and layers protective barriers and points of entry on painted canvas.








Galliani is an international artist who works with photographic analogue media, mixing manual intervention of toners and mixed media to create her signature use of painting and collage on her unique photographs.

Tamez, a native Texan, via San Francisco, currently living in Brooklyn, NY is a multidisciplinary artist. Tamez has painted, air-brushed, collaged, woodworked and tattooed on paper and wood, and has been an established Tattoo artist for 28 years.

Heike has always been on the search for free expression in her art, ultimately leaving behind the world of classical music and diving into the world of photography and its infinite possibilities. After years of exhibiting her abstract, almost painterly images, she began experimenting with video as well, combining her voice with her visual art.

Lisa is a classically trained artist, she studied painting at New York Academy of Art and Ruskin at Oxford in London.  Working primarily in oil, her paintings capture subjects as objects of desire through a queer lens.

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